Boone Phillips attorneys at lawEpisode 6 of Inside the Law  features Attorney and former Prosecutor Boone Phillips on Alex Bozarjian live TV sexual battery case, allegedly committed by Tommy Callaway.

XXXOur guest for this episode is Boone Phillips (pictured above), a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor with the Chatham County District Attorney's Office. He's currently a partner and lead criminal trial attorney with the Savanna, Georgia law firm, Phillips Carson & Phillips.

Boone sheds light on the December 7, 2019 alleged sexual battery, on live television, of Ms. Alex Bozarjian, a 23 year old televsion reporter for NBC's Savannah, Ga affiliate, WSAV.

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The alleged perpetrator is Tommy Callaway, a married father in his 40's.

It is alleged, and depicted in the video immediately below, that when Mr. Callaway ran past Ms. Bozarjian as she was reporting on Savannah's Bridge Run race, he whacked he on her buttocks, and then kept running.


Immediately after this contact, Ms. Bozarjian's expression and demeaner change dramatically - she appears stunned, upset, and in disbelief. A few seconds later, she resumes reporting, but still appears shaken.

This was all captured on live television, and the internet video above has been viewed more than 12 million times.

Even though he was wearing dark sunglasses, audiences were able to identify Mr. Callaway through other images of him and his race bib number.

Three days later, on Dec. 10th, Ms. Bozarjian appeared on the CBS This Morning national television program (the video is immediately below). A statement from Mr. Callaway's attorney was read, saying they regret the situation, but he "did not act with any criminal intentions ... We do not expect any criminal charges."

Around that same time, Mr. Callaway participated in a filmed interview with WSAV television's JoAnn Merrigan. That video is immediately below.

Note from Mark Gavagan: As you listen to Mr. Callaway's description of what happened (around 04:15 in the video above), consider the screenshot below, which I took from the live video, as contact was being made with Ms. Bozarjian.

screenshot from video when Mr. Callaway allegedly made contact with Ms. Bozarjian

On Friday, Dec. 13th, Mr. Callaway was charged with misdemeaner sexual battery.

He turned himself in to detective, was booked at the Chatham County Jail, and was released on $1,300 bond.

This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

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