Episode 7 of Inside the Law - Her Attacker Was Stopped in the Act….

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In this episiode: ProPublica: Her Attacker Was Stopped in the Act and Arrested, but This Assault Was Only the Beginning of Her Trauma

An audio version (with permission) of Michelle Theriault Boots' June 2020 story for Anchorage Daily News in partnership with independent, nonprofit newsroom, Pro Publica. Learn more or make a donation at Propublica.org

Link to original story: https://www.propublica.org/article/her-attacker-was-stopped-in-the-act-and-arrested-but-this-assault-was-only-the-beginning-of-her-trauma

Read by Audrey Gavagan.

screenshot of Mary Savage on Pro Publica

Keywords: #sexualassault, #justice

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